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December 2019

Dec 01  Depression-alert-in-arabian-sea-as-second-low-pressure-area-forms

Dec 01 – 75-excess-rainfall-so-far-in-state

Between October 1 and December 1, Kerala has received 75% excess rainfall, while Lakshadweep received 184% excess rainfall, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). In IMD parlance, this is considered ‘large excess.’

Dec 04 –  Develop-climate-resilient-agroforestry-systems-expert

eminent has suggested the need for developing agroforestry systems and practices that are resilient and adaptable to the climatic extremes that the State has been witnessing in the recent times.

 Dec 06 Spread-of-peafowl-warns-of-arid-days-study

Researchers from Kerala used meteorological data and ran a model which indicated that peafowl, whose distribution was limited to 10% of Kerala, will spread to almost 55% by 2050. Peafowl species is an indicator for the land becoming more arid.
Dec 30 Meet-to-discuss-fisheries-laws-climate-change

a two day seminar was conducted on Fisheries resource depletion, climate change, and new laws governing marine and inland fisheries. Charles George of the Matsya Thozhilali Aikya Vedhi said that there has been serious depletion in both pelagic and demersal fish resources, a constant cause for worry among all group of fishermen.
Dec 30 – Total-tree-forest-cover-in-country-increases-by-5188-sq-km-forest-report

The ISFR, a biennial exercise, assesses the forest and tree cover, bamboo resources, carbon stock and forest fires. The top three States showing an increase in forest cover are Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala