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Co-Creating Solutions to Craft a Better Future

Corporate Responsibility and Partnerships for Sustainable Impact

At Thanal we believe in the transformative power of corporate responsibility and strategic partnerships. Our commitment extends beyond business success; we actively align our practices with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute to a sustainable, just, and environmentally healthy future.

Why Corporate Responsibility Matters

Corporate responsibility is more than a buzzword for us; it’s a guiding principle. By embracing responsibility, businesses can be catalysts for positive change, addressing societal and environmental challenges. Our initiatives go beyond profit, aiming to create a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

The Power of Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are at the heart of our approach. Collaborating with diverse organizations, government bodies, and businesses amplifies our efforts and accelerates progress towards our shared goals. Together, we can navigate the complexities of global challenges, fostering innovation and achieving greener impact.

Contributing to SDGs

Aligning with the SDGs is integral to our mission. We recognize that achieving these goals requires collective action. By integrating sustainability into our business practices, we aim to make a positive difference in areas such as poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, and social justice.

Our CSR Pillars

Environmental Conservation

Thanal is actively involved in initiatives aimed at environmental preservation and conservation. Our tree-planting drives, waste reduction campaigns, and advocacy for sustainable practices underscore our commitment to a greener planet.

Community Development

We believe in empowering communities for a better tomorrow. Through various programs and partnerships, we contribute to skill development, education, and healthcare, fostering holistic community growth.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Our Sustainable Livelihood Programs focus on equipping marginalized communities with the tools and knowledge needed for self-sufficiency. From agricultural training to promoting eco-friendly practices, we aim to uplift livelihoods sustainably

Climate Action

Thanal actively participates in climate action initiatives. We advocate for renewable energy, conduct awareness campaigns, and engage in projects that contribute to mitigating the impact of climate change.

CSR Stories

Why Partner with Thanal

Decades of Grassroots Experience

Thanal boasts 36 years of hands-on experience working at the grassroots level for environmental health and justice. Our extensive history ensures a deep understanding of community dynamics and effective strategies for positive impact.

Proven Corporate Impact

With a track record of successfully collaborating with multiple corporates, Thanal brings a wealth of experience in creating tangible and positive outcomes. Our partnerships have consistently delivered on both corporate and societal goals.

Brand Association with Environmental Values

Partnering with Thanal means aligning your brand with environmental values. Your brand’s association with us reflects a commitment to sustainability, demonstrating responsible corporate citizenship.

Contributing to National Goals

By partnering with Thanal, your brand actively contributes to the nation’s shared goals, including achieving Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Expertise in Sustainable Development

Thanal brings specialized expertise in sustainable development, ensuring that our collaborative initiatives are not only impactful but also align with global sustainability standards.

Innovation for Environmental and Social Impact

Our innovative approaches leverage technology, community engagement, and strategic planning to create initiatives that foster both environmental and social impact.

Diverse Portfolio of Green Initiatives

With a diverse portfolio of green initiatives, Thanal offers a range of opportunities for collaboration. Whether it’s community development, sustainable livelihoods, or climate action, we tailor initiatives to suit diverse corporate interests.

Comprehensive Reach and Influence

Thanal’s longstanding presence in the environmental and social sector provides an extensive reach and influence. Partnering with us offers the opportunity to make a difference on a broad scale.

Partnering with Thanal is not just a collaboration; it’s an investment in a shared vision of a sustainable, just, and environmentally conscious future. Join us in making a positive impact that extends beyond corporate boundaries.

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