Jaivika is a comprehensive safe food campaign initiated by Thanal, in collaboration with PAN Asia Pacific, KIMS Health, and Organic Bazaar. With a focus on promoting organic living and sustainable food practices, Jaivika aims to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of pesticides on human health and the environment. Through a series of educational initiatives, community events, and advocacy efforts, Jaivika seeks to empower individuals and communities to make informed choices for a healthier, pesticide-free future.

The Jaivika Organic Fest, a landmark event Sponsored by KIMS Health CSR, took place at Organic Bazaar, Kowdiar, from December 16 to 18, promoting awareness about the harmful effects of pesticides and advocating for safe food practices and diversity. The grand inaugural ceremony on December 16 was graced by dignitaries such as Dr. Vasuki IAS, Labour Commissioner, Government of Kerala, and Dr. B Rajan, Director, Clinical Services, KIMS Health

Ottam: Action For Transformation

December 17 witnessed a 5 km mini run flagged off by Sri Jayakumar, engaging 45 enthusiastic runners. Following the run, participants enjoyed an organic breakfast sourced from Organic Bazaar. The day continued with a farmer facilitation program, honoring the contributions of farmers dedicated to natural farming. Cultural programs and a discussion on the relationship between food, environment, and health enriched the evening, featuring notable speakers including Ms. Arya, dietician, Mr. Akunaran, a passionate natural farmer, and Mr. Jayakumar.

Engaging the Future and Sustainability Initiatives

December 18 focused on engaging school children and promoting sustainability initiatives. Children were introduced to millet, pulses, and rice diversities, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable food practices. Noted author and journalist Ms. K A Beena led an engaging session with fun activities. Traditional Attappadi snacks made of millets were served to introduce new and healthy tastes and flavors.

Commitment to Sustainability

  • The event emphasized a commitment to sustainability with meticulous planning.
  • The venue was decorated with sustainable materials, showcasing dedication to eco-friendly aesthetics.
  • Souvenirs and gifts were carefully selected for sustainability and reusability.
  • Infrastructure, including banners and posters, was crafted from cloth and recyclable paper.
  • Food management practices ensured timely donations to prevent wastage, and traditional millet-based food received positive reviews.
  • The entire venue was solar-powered, and CNG and Electric Vehicles were predominantly used for transportation and errands.

The Jaivika Organic Fest not only advocated for safe and pesticide-free food practices but also demonstrated the possibility of conducting events responsibly. Thanal and its partners showcased a commitment to environmental health and justice, setting an example for future endeavors. The fest stands as a testament to their dedication to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Join us in this journey towards a pesticide-free, healthier, and greener tomorrow!

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