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Welcome to Thanal, where our decades of commitment to environmental stewardship converge with your passion for a sustainable tomorrow. Join forces with us in crafting a vibrant future for People, Planet, and Sustainability.

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For over 36 years, Thanal has been a pioneering force in environmental action, making us one of the oldest organisations in Kerala. Through research, advocacy, action and education, we are committed to fostering environmental health and justice, leaving a profound impact on policies from local to the global levels.

We work at the grassroots level to learn, build capacity and collective knowledge to address the issues. From planning to implementation, we are dedicated to being an integral part of the solution. We continue to strive to expand our programs and services to the people and make our impact as an organization.

How we make a Difference

At Thanal, we take pride in our multifaceted approach to environmental conservation, education, and action. Through a spectrum of initiatives, we actively contribute to creating a world that is greener, more sustainable, and environmentally conscious.

Cultivating Green minds

Expert Classes and Workshops
Educating and inspiring farmers individuals, educational institutions, and businesses toward a more sustainable future through expert classes and workshops.

Empowering Farmers Nurturing Roots

PGS Certification
Empower farmers through PGS certification, fostering sustainable and organic farming practices for healthier food and a cleaner environment while facilitating market access and enhancing the authenticity of their organic produce.

Co-Creation of Knowledge

Driving change by researching environmental health and advocating for policies that protect our planet.

Tech-touch, Beyond Binaries

Technical Help
Supporting initiatives in zero waste, carbon neutrality, and sustainability, contributing to an greener and more resilient world.

Recent Reviews

Athira S
Athira S
Completing my internship at Thanal in 2019 was a pivotal moment in my career journey. The hands-on experience and mentorship I received during my time there have been invaluable in shaping my professional path. Thanal provided me with practical skills, industry insights, and a network of like-minded individuals that have greatly contributed to my growth. I am grateful for the opportunity and highly recommend Thanal to anyone looking to kickstart their career in environmental conservation.
Having been with Thanal for nearly four years, I can attest to its role as a valuable space for nature lovers to learn and contribute to a sustainable future. Thanal provides a nurturing environment where individuals can collaborate, grow, and take concrete steps towards conservation. Through practical workshops and supportive mentorship, Thanal empowers its members to make a real difference in environmental stewardship. I highly recommend Thanal to anyone passionate about nature and seeking to make a positive impact.
Prasad M siva
Prasad M siva
Thanal provides a space for both creativity and environmental learnings. Being with Thanal is a great opportunity to become a responsible human being by unlearning environmental toxic habit and developing a green routine.
Sreejith V
Sreejith V
I've been regularly following Thanal on social media for the past few years, and I must say it has been a consistently enriching experience. Thanal's commitment to environmental causes is truly commendable, and I appreciate the effort they put into raising awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility. Keep up the excellent work!
Anandhu A
Anandhu A
Had a great time in Thanal for few days as an intern. Got valuable insights about organic farming and its advantages. Got chance to visit various farming places inside trivandrum, had the chance to talk with farmers. It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of thanal and their activities.
Gauri Nandana
Gauri Nandana
It's an NGO, and i here by the behalf of KERALEEYAM program done by kerala government, i was av green army volentter and we have good time with people and the haritha mission was a quite success.
Adithya B prasad
Adithya B prasad
Eco-friendly NGOs typically focus on environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and community engagement. They may promote waste reduction, and advocate for renewable energy. Volunteering with Thanal provide hands-on experience in eco-friendly projects, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.
Athul Raj
Athul Raj
Best place for nature enthusiastics .

Together We can rewrite narratives for a
Greener, Better Future for our People and Planet

There are so many ways you can get involved and craft changes to build a future where nature and people thrive in harmony.


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    Stories of impact

    Creating Change, Building Futures and Transforming Communities with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partnerships
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    Nourishing Communities Through Innovation: The Millet Processing Centre

    With the support of UST, Thanal proudly inaugurated the Millet Processing Centre in Sambarcode hamlet, Attappadi, on 20 December 2021. This initiative brought tremendous benefits to Attappadi, making millet processing more efficient, enhancing product saleability, increasing profits for farmers, creating job opportunities for local youth, and promoting the consumption of nutritious food within the community.The Millet Processing Centre is currently run by a group of women, aligning with our goals on women empowerment.

    Slider Image 1
    Empowering Communities with Clean Water

    Launched in January 2022, our Community Drinking Water Project in Manakkayam hamlet, Ranni, Pathanamthitta, has brought clean drinking water to 27 tribal families. Thanks to the generous support of Mahindra Logistics Ltd's CSR initiative 'Sankalp,' we've been able to make a life-changing difference for this water-deprived community.Previously, these families had to walk 2 kilometers to access clean drinking water, and during summer, they faced severe water scarcity in the area. This drinking water project has put an end to years of water crisis, providing a reliable and sustainable source of clean water for the community.

    Slider Image 2
    Rainwater Harvester: Bridging Gaps, Transforming Lives

    For over a year, students from the Govt LPS school, Madamon North, Ranni, faced a severe water crisis. The 50 tribal children and staff of this school, where our tribal beneficiaries’ kids are studying, were suffering due to an acute water crisis as the old harvester got damaged, and they had no other means of water supply on the premises. Everyday was a challenge as buying water in large quantities was not a long-term feasible solution. Thanks to the support of UST, we stepped in to make a significant difference. With the installation of a new rainwater harvester boasting a capacity of 20,000 litres, we've brought relief and a brighter future to these students.

    Slider Image 3
    Emergency Responses: Bridging Gaps, Creating Resilience

    India's increasing vulnerability to calamities demands urgent action. In 2021, Thanal, with support from UST and PAN India, responded to the immediate needs of flood and COVID-19-affected children and families, while maintaining a sustainable approach by facilitating education, healthcare and livelihood.. We distributed 310 emergency food kits, empowered 500 students with study materials, and equipped 14 common study centers with LED TV and cable connections, bridging the digital education divide. Additionally, we provided free fumigation services to 250 tribal families Kurumbanmoozhi & Manakkayam hamlet at Ranni, aiding infection control. Join us in building resilience through impactful partnerships.

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