Need help in setting up a Kitchen Garden? We are here for you…

Need help in setting up a Kitchen Garden? We are here for you…

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Project Reports | 1 comment

Nothing beats the smell and taste of fresh organic produce on your table. What if it is from your own kitchen garden?

The demand for pesticide-free homegrown vegetables is increasing all across the world. With so much ill-health and toxicity associated with chemical pesticides, growing our own organic food helps us eat fresh and safe fruits and vegetables devoid of chemical pesticides and be healthy. Let’s make a comeback and take a step closer to healthy organic life.

 So are you interested in growing your own vegetables?  Do you need help to start a kitchen /terrace garden? Do you need assistance in maintaining it?

Thanal has been working in the area of organic farming and green living for more than 2 decades. Thanal Mobile Agri Clinic is our unique venture with the support of PAN (India) to help and encourage starting a kitchen garden/ organic farming among the public.  Mobile Organic Agri Clinic unit is equipped with plant protection organic inputs, equipment, and trained staff who can provide all support services for a nominal fee. 


We also supply organic manures/ pest repellants.

Call us at 9539123878 to avail our services.

“Healthy living is an ongoing journey. We aim to inspire, educate and empower every person to live an organic, healthy life.”

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