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The canvass of Zero Waste is broadened with Climate Action work which is focusedtowards building Climate resilience. The programme advocates for ‘Low Carbon’ and ‘Carbon Neutral’ cities / villages .Thanal address the issue of climate change, by helping communities and governments to understand the depth of climate change, design and promote development projects that are climate resilient to mitigate and to adapt to the changing climate scenarios. Our project areas work towards co-creating systemic shifts, action-based research and behaviour change in societies. In the current climate-uncertain world, we explore strategic partnerships and innovations with communities to ‘think global, act local’. The challenge of climate change calls for extraordinary vision, leadership, compassion and wisdom. The accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere has led to global warming. If the world is indeed serious about making climate-friendly investments, it must consider the opportunity provided by a country like India where economic growth could be achieved with minimum level of emission by employing new technologies and finance for achieving low carbon growth.


  • Zero waste cities
  • Carbon neutral communities
  • Break free from plastics
  • Zero waste Himalaya
  • Green Army International


  • Environment leadership training
  • Material substitution
  • Entrepreneurship development programme